Those times are long gone when men were laid back and don’t care much about their grooming. Times have changed and this is a world of modern men’s who want to look at their best all the time. Do you think you know what it takes when it comes to personal care? Don’t worry we have got all the tips and tricks for you which you can start following so that you take your grooming game a notch above from rest. If you are a beginner to grooming then this is the perfect grooming routine guide for you. These tips are not just grooming tips but following these tips will make you a better, more attractive and a confident man.

Here are the top 15 best grooming tips for men which you should start following right now :



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The first tip for how to be a well-groomed man is to get your hair cut often. If you have short hair then about 3-4 weeks but if you have long hair then get your haircut about 4-5 weeks or try a new hairstyle which is trending and suits you. This will make your whole appearance sharper.


2.Nail your nails

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Having long nails don’t quite look good and it also looks gross if they have dirt inside them. Fingernails should be cut as often as you can or at least once a week. This not only will make your hand looks better but also more hygienic.


3.Facial hair

men's grooming tips india- face care ,beard grooming,beard oil | Best Grooming Tips for Men

Find out what type of facial hair suits you and stick with it. Some guys like clean shave others like short stubble and some like long beards. Keep it under control and make sure the boundaries of your beards are well defined. Beards need care if you can’t do that there is no point in having them, it will not look good. If you like having a clean shave then you should learn how to shave like a pro. You are not a wild being from ancient times, you are a man of modern age so groom yourself accordingly.


4.Ear and Nose hair

grooming tips for men-nose and ear hair care

It does not look cool when your hairs come out of your nose or ear. Get rid of those hairs as soon as possible. Using nose trimmers will definitely help you controlling those ear or nose hair. Get a good quality nose trimmer and get those hairs before they start to grow out.


5.Smell nice

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Most importantly get a good bath every day and use a body wash and a scrub, this will make a good foundation for the next steps of smelling nice. Use deodorants always after the shower. This is must to have with you. Nobody likes the stinky smell of sweat. You can’t go near a girl with that smell. Don’t forget to wear good fresh smelling deo. Here is my tip for you, keep a pocket deo all the time in your bag or car or anything handy so that if you forget to spray at home you can use that. Cologne is a very good option and can be used for the occasion. Different occasion needs different cologne like if you are going to the party have something that is strong and manly and if you are on a date wear something mild. Use those which suits the occasion and it’s better to have different cologne for the different occasion. While using cologne do remember not to use too much of it. Another thing that you can use for your underarms is roll on. They are great for your underarms which get a lot sweaty and smelly.


6.Face care

men's grooming- face care ,facewash,face scrub, exfoliation

This will help you in getting rid of all the dirt and pollution that you tackle in your day to day life. Using facewash regularly can help you a lot. Don’t go for any skin whitening face wash, go for deep cleansing or oil clearing facewash which have activated charcoal in them. Most of the men have oily skin and these face wash will help you in getting rid of that excess oil and will give you a fresh feel. Exfoliation is another thing you can do to make your skin healthy. Exfoliating your skin will open up blocked pores so that your skin can breathe properly, it also prevents pimple and breakouts, reduces the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. Using a face scrub 2-3 times a week properly is enough as Scrubs are generally very harsh and excessive use can damage your skin. Gently exfoliate your face and wash. It’s best to exfoliate your face at night. Wash your face at least twice a day.



men grooming -face care, moisturiser

Moisturiser will nourish the face and keep the natural oils of the skin intact. It will make your skin healthy, soft and glowing. Just make sure you pick the right moisturiser for your face. Most men have oily skin due to the presence of testosterone so don’t buy a moisturiser that has a cream base or oil base. Try those rich in natural ingredients, Stay away from anything that is very oily and makes your skin feel sticky. It’s not just face which requires moisturization, your body also needs it so don’t stop on the face. Using body lotion also helps immensely for your overall skin health. A quick tip for you, visit your dermatologist, discuss your skin and he or she may recommend you something that will be useful for your skin.


8.Hair Wash

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Washing your hair is good but using shampoo very often will dry your scalp and remove your natural oils. Use shampoo after every two to three days depending on how oily your hair gets in between every wash. If your hair gets oily more often then use shampoo every alternate day. Use conditioner after shampoo it will moisturise your hair as well as retains natural oil in the scalp and makes them softer.



grooming tips for men-unibrow,eyebrows

Uni-brows are not very attractive, grab a good pair of tweezers and get rid of those hairs that make your pair of eyebrows into a single eyebrow.



Manscaping is also an essential part of any male grooming routine. You are not a wild animal full of hairs all over your body, If you think those are hidden behind your costly clothes and nobody can see them then my friend you are wrong and its not only about your hairs on chest or back but mainly in your private parts. Those areas should be cleaned or at least maintained so that it doesn’t look like a forest inside you. If you are with someone then you might want to make a good impression of your grooming and hygiene. Proper manscaping will not only help you in making that impression but will also boost your confidence.


11.Tooth care

men tooth grooming tips

The first thing anyone notices when you meet somebody is your smile, especially women. Teeth care has seen many technology advancements so you should also use those to your benefits. These days electric toothbrush are common and they can do most of the things for you and they are better in many ways, in fact, some electric toothbrush are coming with their own smartphone app, you just have to hold them and they will do their business. Studies show they are more capable of removing plaque than regular manual toothbrushes. A good toothpaste and toothbrush is the secret of a shiny clean set of tooth. Do remember to use a mouthwash after brushing in the morning.


12.Wear sunscreen

sunscreen-tip and guide for men

Use sunscreen or lotion that specifically designed for men. They will protect your skin from harsh sun rays which results in skin reddening, darkening and tanning.



men health fitness and grooming

Working out is great for both your mental as well as physical health and it also makes you look great. Everyone wants that muscular V-taper body even women likes a fit man. Do regular exercise in a park or get a gym membership and be consistent, If you got belly fat then its right time for you to get those fat shed.


14.Attend your feet

men foot grooming tips and routine

You should have a good foot care routine. They are not open to looking normal like your face or arms but are important. First of all get rid of those big toe nails. Secondly, if you have any dead skin then using a pumice stone on the dead skin will help on getting rid of them.  Go to foot spa to have them professionally groomed. Wear sweat absorbent socks and try not to use the same pair for a long time because they stink after a few days.


15.Some useful tips-

Invest in a good trimmer and keep the trimmer for your pubes and face separate.

Go to a good salon for your haircut it will be worth it.

Have a healthy diet and enrol yourself in a good gym.

Spend a little extra on getting quality products, clothes rather than saving money and buying low-quality products.

Getting a good male grooming kit will make your work more easily as they will contain the product for the different thing in a single kit.


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